Founded by Creative Director & Lead Planner Amy Ford, Attabara is infused with Amy’s ten years of experience designing & producing immersive events for luxury brands, leading philanthropic ventures & discerning private clients, alongside a formational first class honors degree in theatre design.

Through this founding experience we bring a unique wisdom of using intentional multi-sensory design & luxury event planning experience to take guests on journey, that encapsulates the essence of you and enables you to create truly unforgettable memories. 

Based in London & Surrey, we work across the UK to plan weddings for an exclusive number of discerning couples. Our team comprising of talented event managers & creative producers to exceed your expectations & ensure your guests marvel at every moment.

We bring an unapologetic love for gathering people together, a deep care for your unique plans, & a passion for beautiful experiences. We are firm believers in the reverence of beauty that makes life more beautiful, hopeful, glorious. - Beautiful experience-led design enhances our memories that we carry with us throughout our lifetimes & allows us to be more present as we experience them. It enables experiences to feel seamless, effortless, heightens celebration & takes a moment from mediocre to magical to memorable. And for us, this is everything your wedding day should be.



Attabara is a full service wedding planning & design studio with an expertise in experiential design & creative production

for the beautiful CURATION of your   significant moments, through experientIAL design heightening MEMORY, enhancing a sense of togetherness & elevating BEAUTY as you and your guests cherish these moments forever. 
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for the beautiful curation of your significant moments, through experiential design heightening memory, enhancing a sense of togetherness and elevating beauty as you and your guests cherish these moments forever.

I thrive within a space of reimagination, and the storytelling that evolves as we curate the chapters of your day, alongside a love for strategic & logistical problem solving, carefully designing and planning with a holistic vision of the experience in mind at each moment, before seamlessly delivering your vision with an air of calm every step of the way.

I live in greater London on the borders of leafy Surrrey with my husband  and our two mischievous cats, who sometimes like to make uninvited zoom appearances. Studio days are fuelled by coffee, Diptyque candles, scribblings in notebooks, yoga and leafy walks in nearby Bushy Park. I’m forever inspired by interiors, the layering of design influences, pattern, texture and tone, that create spaces that make us feel, I love nothing more than weekends away in the countryside, exploring the UK’s breathtaking boutique hotels or dining experiences, with seasonal countryside locations & elevated hospitality which always inspire my design.


From a first-class degree from the prestigious University of the Arts London in Theatre Design, to an incredible foundation in designing and producing luxury events across London and worldwide, my creative ventures have taken me to incredible places…. I have designed stages graced by Bryan Adams & Katherine Jenkins, created props for the London Olympics ceremonies, launched products for Kim Khardashian & Zoella and trekked through the jungles of Myanmar to expand vision for philanthropic event design.

Attabara has, however, been my greatest adventure yet. The studio enables me to combine my greatest loves; an unapologetic passion for bringing people together and obsession with beautiful, boundary-pushing, experience-led design . 


Attabara was an embrace of homely warmth, a wholesome rural idyll, nestled in the Hampshire countryside and enveloped in love. It was the name of Amy’s grandparents’ home; a retreat from suburban London life, where she adored time spent foraging in woodlands, feeding the chickens and cosying up by the fire. It embodied hospitality in its purest sense, a warm embrace, a heartfelt welcome and life shared around the dinner table. The simplest moments, that hold an abundance of sentimentality.

It was here Amy discovered a passion for hospitality, for hosting people and creating a space of authentic togetherness. She recognised the simplicity of gathering round a table as a restorative antidote to a fast paced world and the significance of these fleeting moments shared that form her fondest memories.
Through Attabara Studio we long to evoke the essence of the memories of their home; enchanting spaces that have the warmth of home, that through curated experiences enhance a sense of togetherness and through beautiful experiential design become all the more memorable. For you to cherish forever.

we bring an unapologetic passion for bringing people together and obsession with beautiful, BOUNDARY-PUSHING, EXPERIENTIAL DESIGN

our story


“With Attabara Studio, you will write a mesmerizing story of your big day.. Be sure that Attabara will bring a design-led, soul-filled, and experience-driven approach to your one-of-a-kind celebration. Amy’s romantic, elegant and luxurious signature style will perfectly balance your visions and ideas. At Attabara Studio, they give their all to make your wedding dreams come true.”

Inspiration and musings to cherish forever.
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